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War MachIne.




Real Name: James Rhodes

Iron Man #281, 1993
War Machine #1 - April, 1994
Marvel Comics Group

















Armed to the teeth in Solar-charged battle armor, James Rhodes is War Machine. This book ran for 25 issues or so, and though Marvel tried several weak crossovers, the series dwindled. In my opinion, War Machine still remains an under developed character with a LOT of potential.

Tony Starks, the original Iron man created the War Machine Armor and left it to James Rhodes to carry on the Iron Man legacy. When Starks returned, an upset Rhodes ended their friendship and kept the armor to fight his own battles. In a small african country called Imaya, a freedom fighter named Vincent Cetawayo is captured by a violent dictator and Rhodes decides to help. Partially to make a name for himself, and partially because the Avengers would'nt lift a finger to help. In doing so, he became an advocate for human rights globally and headed WorldWatch International, the group founded by Cetawayo.

War Machine's no nonsense, in your face approach to dealing with issues rubbed other heroes the wrong way and would eventually lead to a run-in with Iron Man himself. Initially, I liked the premise that War Machine was his "own man" but wished his identity didn't rely on a suit so similar to Iron Man's. I believe some casual readers confused these two similar looking characters and Marvel eventually changed War Machine's armor.

In a bizarre twist, aliens fused Rhodes to a new Eidolon Warwear armor. I doubt if Rhodey goes anywhere with this look.


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