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Real Name: Al Simmons
Occupation: former C.I.A. agent, covert ops

1992, Image Comics, Todd McFarlane

Spawn #1 - present











Artist Todd McFarlane's creation Spawn made a huge splash in the comicbook industry when the first issue sold 2.1 million copies. The art is amazing, storyline is a good read and Spawn happens to be black.

Not your average black superhero since most of the storylines revolve around hell and most brothers would agree that you don't have to travel that far for a taste of purgatory. Tormented, and tricked into becoming a Hell-Spawn - Al Simmons has one goal which is to return to the living and protect his lovely wife Wanda. A big mistake since one of his closest friends already put the moves on her, which adds to his rage.

This books strong points lie in the human struggle of Al Simmons as he tries to conquer those demons (no pun intended) in his life. Yes, Al has been given power beyond his wildest dreams yet each time he uses it he is one step closer to returning to hell. Currently, Spawn has migrated into multiple comic series, he's had an animated series on HBO, a feature-length movie, toys, and a playstation video game (yes the game sucks).

Spawn, yet an enraged hells angel, is the most popular, and most read comic book on a black superhero. . . 2002 ©