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Here are some linkz related to superheroes . . .



Great super-heroes.Exciting story to follow. Nice characters with good profiles. These heroes, The Enforcers have great powers, but are realistic. Worth the click, and your time

, Where modern mythos, folklore, and legend, draws from the fathomless well of ancient African dreams, memories, and aspirations. Conscious and thought provoking, this site is dedicated to bringing you exciting and innovative stories in various forms.

The next step in online comics. Come and witness the story of the Nephilum... the descendants of a time and place long forgotten in human history.

You gotta experience this site. It's a cyber carnival of sights and sounds. Cool flash animations, professional illustrations, and online comics that are second to none. Be sure and checkout Gettosake Entertainment.


The Museum of Black Superheroes, is a shrine dedicated to possibly all black super heroes. Don't know your black superhero history, stop by on this site, and you will be amazed by the exhibits!

UrbanStyle Comics, is one of the most original comics out there. From the spectacular characters, to the theme of the comic book. Swing by here and enjoy Dreadlock and his music.


Stealth, we can all relate to this super-hero, as he is a high school student, but the twist is he has extraordinary powers, that he uses to defend a city full of crime...follow Stealth on his journeys.


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