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Real Name: John Henry Irons
Occupation: Inventor / former athlete

First Appearance: Superman Man of Steel #22, 1993

see Steel "Year One" - 1995


John Stewart was introduced as a backup Green Lantern in the mid 70's. Initially your stereotypical "Angry Black Man" with a big afro. Living in Detroit, He later got his life together and became an architect. John Stewart was a calm collected Green Lantern until error on his part allowed a planet to blow up. He nearly lost his mind to grief and shame and resigned as a Green Lantern.

He was later reinstated and put in charge of Oa. His efforts to reconcile dozens of non-human races to living together in harmony was recounted in the series "Green Lantern: Mosaic." This series was cancelled after a brief run. John Stewart resurfaced and was recruited to be the head honcho of the Darkstars who attempted to replace the now defunct Green Lantern Corps. The GL Corps were defeated and Stewart was crippled in the battle and remains in a wheelchair at least for now.

Though it's sad that John Stewart is now a parapalegic, this was one of DC's better characters. Shame they didn't keep him around in a more useful form. I guess it would have been unrealistic to think this character could last as a permanent Green Lantern could that be why he's been crippled?

.Although depicted as ahead strong black hero, john stewart made his mark as a green lantern.. . 2002 ©