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Real name: Lucas Bishop
Occupation: Adventurer, former XSE agent
Group affiliation: X-Men, formerly Xavier's Security Enforcers
Base of operations: Mobile
First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #282 (1991)

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 275 lbs.
Eye color: Brown, sometimes red
Hair color: Black

Powers: A mutant, Bishop can absorb and rechannel various forms of energy.

Weapons: Bishop wields a variety of energy-projecting firearms.



History: The mutant soldier named Bishop grew to adulthood in a dark and desolate world roughly 70 years into Earth's future. Following the abolition of mutant slavery, the heirs to the legacy of the X-Men established the peacekeeping organization known as Xavier's Security Enforcers. Adherents to Professor Charles Xavier's dream for peaceful coexistence between Homo sapiens and Homo superior, the agency's founders believed mutants could police themselves. In pursuit of time-manipulating mutant criminal Trevor Fitzroy, Bishop and his XSE lieutenants traveled back to our present.

Stranded in the past, they tracked their mark into the midst of a fray between the X-Men and the Sentinels -- government-created, mutant-hunting androids. Confronted with the legends of his youth, Bishop's first reaction was disbelief. He and his compatriots battled the X-Men ferociously, seeking to expose what they thought to be an uncanny deception. Bishop's troops were slain, and he was badly injured, during the deadly clash that ensued. Only through the X-Men's intervention did Bishop survive.

Finally coming to terms with his time-tossed condition, Bishop was honored when Professor Xavier invited him to join the team whose members he had idolized since childhood. Bishop found new purpose with the X-Men, standing with the outlaw adventurers in defense of a world inching toward the brink of genetic war. Initially uneasy with Bishop's presence, the X-Men soon came to realize he was a devoted disciple of Xavier's philosophy.

Although a zealous follower of the example set forth by Xavier, Bishop felt duty-bound to apprehend Fitzroy and the mutant criminals the convict had unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Even the X-Men's interference proved insufficient to prevent him from executing the escapees. The only mutant to continuously elude Bishop was Fitzroy, whose temporal abilities enabled him to remain one step ahead of his dogged pursuer.

Plagued by reoccurring nightmares of Fitzroy, Bishop resigned from the X-Men to dedicate himself once more to the pursuit of his arch-nemesis. Drawn by the villain into a possible apocalyptic future, Bishop learned Fitzroy had transformed the war-ravaged world to suit his own twisted ends, and that he planned to ascend to godhood by becoming one with the temporal energies that control all time. Bishop gathered a small mutant task force focused on a single goal: quashing Fitzroy's mad scheme.

Bishop defeated Fitzroy before the criminal could complete his mad quest. However, the price of victory was great: Bishop's sister, Shard, sacrificed her life so that her brother finally could put an end to his hated foe. Moments after the sky-shearing battle had been won, Bishop -- filled to bursting with chronal energy -- was ripped from that reality. Spiraling through the timestream, he emerged in the present day and reunited with the X-Men. A short time later, Bishop and a small band of mutants led by the weather-manipulating Storm left the safety of their Westchester mansion in search of the diaries of the blind mutant seer known as Destiny.


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