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Real Name: En-Sabah Nur
Occupation: (X-Villain)

X-Factor 5, Died X-Factor 68 and X-Force 18 (temporarily)
Marvel Comics Group




After entering an alien space-craft, En Sabah Nur was forever altered into something beyond human, or even mutant. He now has utter control of his own molecules, can add to his mass and height at will, and possesses almost unlimited strength. He is an avid foe of Cable though he has a hard time getting the best of him. Apocalypse is a mutant immortal.

Museum visitor Matt Adler put it best:
"Whether or not Apocalypse is black depends on your definition of black... Marvel has said that mutants are an entirely different species, "homo superior", which would make the question of race irrelevant. And if we are going strictly by skin color, let's face it, the guy is blue!"

-Matt Adler


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